Epoxy 2 Model Formulas Chart

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The pipe is usually coated with Epoxy substances to prevent corrosion. It is important that this coating is durable as well as flexible to make the pipe efficient for the transport of oil and gas.

The Epoxy 2 Model Formulas Chart presents model formulas for power coatings that are based on Epoxy 2. In general, an epoxy is an organic compound that is made of carbons linked to other elements such as nitrogen, hydrogen, or oxygen. As a result, it creates a covalent bond in which the elements share electrons to stay together.

Epoxy 2 Model Formulas Discussion

As the chart presents a model formula, it is best to discuss the specific terms used in the formula based on Epoxy 2.

Solid bisphenol A/ Epichlorohydrin is also known as BPA. It is a transparent crystalline material that belongs to a family of organic compounds. This is widely used in manufacturing polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins. C15H16O2 is its molecular formula.

Novalac Epoxy is a type of resin utilized as an epoxy coating for pipe, floors, tanks, and electronic parts. The great advantage of this product is its high resistance to corrosion, chemical content, and temperature.

Hypro 1300X8 is a globally used reactant with thermoset resin to enhance a material’s performance. Specifically, it increases the temperature mechanical properties and crack resistance. It also improves the flexibility of thermoset resins.  It is commonly used for composites, film adhesives, and polymeric intermediate for vinyl esters and epoxies.

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Epoxy 2 Model Formulas Chart

Model formulas based on Epoxy 2.FGHIJ
wdt_IDModel formulas based on Epoxy 2.FGHIJ
1Epoxy 2 (solid bisphenol A/epichlorohydrin blended with novalac epoxy)100010000
2Hypro 1300X8 adduct010001000
3Hypro 1300X13 adduct0000100
4Epikure P-202 (2-methylimidazole phenolic curative)25.422.125.422.122.1
5Barium sulfate (filler 1)42.342.30042.3
6Calcium carbonate (filler 2)0025.725.70
7Modaflow (flow control agent)


F, G. H. I, J – represent the various model formulas

Other Terms used in the table

Barium Sulfate (Filler 1) is a kind of inorganic compound, with BaSO4 as its chemical formula. This compound is known to be insoluble in water and is also odorless.

Calcium Carbonate (Filler 2) has a huge role in formulating a sealant, adhesive, and coating compound. Its presence improves relevant properties of a material.

These fillers increase abrasion resistance, thermal stability, corrosion resistance, and machinability.  They also make the material flame retardant. Moreover, there are fillers that exhibit high heat dissipation characteristics and electrical conductivity.  Manufacturers utilize these fillers to curtail weight and manage the viscosity while improving dimensional stability.

Modaflow (flow control agent) can greatly enhance the performance and properties of a pipe system. Here are some notable advantages:

  • Enhances slip which results in high damage resistance
  • Removes fisheyes and craters
  • Retains recoat adhesion and substrate
  • Helps in the dispersion of pigment
  • Enhances slip which results in high damage resistance
  • Removes fisheyes and craters
  • Retains recoat adhesion and substrate
  • Helps in the dispersion of pigment
  • Enhances leveling and flow
  • Improves substrate wetting
  • Enables volatile and air release
  • Curtails the number of pinholes and orange peels.

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