Line Pipe Schedule 20 Dimension, Weight and Thickness Chart

Oilfield Chart - Line Pipe Schedule 20 Dimension, Weight and Thickness Chart

Line pipe is of much use in the petroleum industry. Evidently, they are of vital importance in the oil production process as well as in other operations that require the transport of gases or liquids moving with great pressure.

As they have a variety of uses, they are also manufactured in different sizes or dimensions. As a result of these differences, line pipe varies in areas like weight and thickness but is nonetheless made to be durable to withstand great amounts of pressure. Thus, different specifications are made to differentiate and identify this line pipe especially for the variety of clients who may need them. One of these specifications is the line pipe schedule.

Line Pipe Schedule

The line pipe schedule is basically used to describe the size of the line pipe. The schedule number relates to the wall thickness of the pipe such that when the number of the schedule increases, the wall thickness becomes greater, too. Thus, the line pipe schedule defines the strength of the pipe used.

It is important to note that while the schedule number may be the same for different sizes of pipes, the actual wall thickness may be different. The line pipe schedule number is defined as a result of the internal working pressure in the line pipe and the allowable stress for the material used in the construction. One of these line pipe schedule numbers is line pipe schedule 20, as seen on the diagram below, entitled Line Pipe Schedule 20 Dimension, Weight, and Thickness Chart.

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Line Pipe Schedule 20 Dimension, Weight and Thickness Chart

Nom. Size (in)OD (in)OD (mm)Wall Thkns (in)Wall Thkns (mm)Wgt (lb/ft)Wgt (kg/m)
wdt_IDNom. Size (in)OD (in)OD (mm)Wall Thkns (in)Wall Thkns (mm)Wgt (lb/ft)Wgt (kg/m)

Line Pipe Schedule 20 Dimension, Weight and Thickness Chart Abbreviations:

  • OD – Outside Diameter
  • in – inches
  • mm – millimeter
  • lb/ft – pounds per feet
  • kg/m – kilogram per meter
  • Wgt – Weight
  • Nom. Size – Nominal Size
  • Wall Thkns – Wall Thickness

Line Pipe Schedule Terms

In the Line Pipe Schedule 20 Dimension, Weight and Thickness Chart, there are four key terms used:

  • Nominal size (in inches) is used as the primary specification for the pipe, as its value is based on a set of non-specific standard sizes for line pipe.
  • Outside diameter (both in inches and millimeters) is used to specify the line pipe and determines the overall dimensions and capacity of the line pipe.
  • Wall thickness can be measured both in inches and millimeters.
  • Weight is measured both in pounds per feet and kilograms per meter.

The wall thickness and weight are factors that depend on the nominal size and outside diameter that are specified. They identify the strength of the line pipe.

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