Line Pipe Schedule 5 Dimension, Weight and Thickness Chart

Oilfield Chart - Line Pipe Schedule 5 Dimension, Weight and Thickness Chart

Line Pipe Schedule Basics

Line pipe schedule defines the wall thickness of the pipe. In a certain nominal pipe diameter, the outside diameter of the pipe is similar to all the schedules.

Schedule of the pipe is derived from the specifications set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) B36.10M, and American Petroleum Institute (API) 5L.

Line pipe schedule uses 11 number representations, where 5 is the first and lowest, and 160 is the last and highest. An increasing number reflects the progression of the wall thickness. The actual wall thickness may vary among various sized pipe, even with the same line pipe schedule.

Line Pipe Schedule Calculation

The line pipe schedule number was introduced by the ASME committee based on Barlow’s thickness formula.

The line pipe schedule number shows an estimated value of the expression 1000 x P / S where: P means service pressure, and S means allowable stress, both stated in pounds per square inch. An increase in the service pressure means an increase in the line pipe schedule number, which designated the pipe wall thickness.

Line Pipe Schedule Significance

Carrying fluid in various forms, like liquid gas or fluidized solids, is the primary function of line pipe. With this, oil and gas industry operators have to constantly ensure that the line pipe in use can withstand the fluid pressure. Hence, it is vital that the schedule of the line pipe, representing its wall thickness and implying its strength, be considered as a significant factor.

Pipe schedule with a high denomination is expected to endure extreme pressure. Pipe material also plays a role in determining the allowable stress, along with the line pipe schedule. Therefore, for the same line pipe material, the higher the schedule of the line pipe or wall thickness is, the higher the level of stress it can tolerate.

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Line Pipe Schedule 5 Dimension, Weight and Thickness Chart

Nom. Size (in)OD (in)OD (mm)Wall Thkns (in)Wall Thkns (mm)Wgt (lb/ft)Wgt (kg/m)
wdt_IDNom. Size (in)OD (in)OD (mm)Wall Thkns (in)Wall Thkns (mm)Wgt (lb/ft)Wgt (kg/m)
41 1/41.6642.20.0651.651.111.65
51 1/21.948.30.0651.651.281.91
72 1/22.875730.0832.112.473.69
93 1/24101.60.0832.113.475.18

The wall thickness related to a certain line pipe schedule rests on the nominal pipe size. Other specifications such as dimensions, including outside diameter (OD), inside diameter (ID), wall thickness (WT), and schedule number of the line pipe, along with the weight, are established by ASME standards.

The chart above presents the line pipe schedule 5 dimension, weight, and thickness, where the nominal size, OD, and WT are expressed both in inches (in) and millimeter (mm), and the weight in both pound per foot (lb/ft) and kilogram per meter (kg/m).

Line Pipe Schedule 5 Dimension, Weight and Thickness Chart Abbreviations:

  • in – inches
  • mm – millimeter
  • lb/ft – pounds per feet
  • kg/m – kilogram per meter
  • Wgt – Weight
  • Nom. Size – Nominal Size
  • Wall Thkns – Wall Thickness

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