Actuators and Valves

Oil Rig Actuators

Talking of oil rig actuators and oil rig valves, these days a number of companies in the market offer assorted ranges of varied kinds of products and services in this context. These services include various types of,

Modified and custom-made critical and other components
A unique and radical coker un-heading device
Bolt-less slide valves
Special web based software for the administration and managing of pressure relief systems

Other than these primary services, oil valves being one of the most important ones, the companies also provide other secondary levels of customer care and machine maintenance including, testing, repairing, engineering and not to forget consulting services as well, all through out the length and breadth of the globe irrespective of the fact as to which corner of the world their clients are situated in.

In this context, it needs to be mentioned that all the companies who deal with the oil valves and oil actuators manufacturing and marketing industry believe in developing their own patent and trademark products which are apt and in sync with the established industry standards and norms for years. And they also ensure that every rig or valve or actuator that they make is of the most advanced quality meaning technologically updated at par with the current situations and market requirements.

If you take a closer look at the market, you will find that various companies have been providing customized controls continuously starting way back in the 1970s.

Turnkey Package

Are you in need of a turnkey package with valves and actuators and a control skid as well or just looking around for a sole source including all the individual components? Then there are a number of companies in the market that will provide you with just what you want in precise and that is what marks the edge for these companies. Oil rig and the associated actuators and valves are tools that need to be of the best of quality otherwise the companies know it very well that none of the customers are going to trust on their brand with full confidence. After all what the customers essentially look around for is a company that they can depend on and do not have to care about the quality and the maintenance part as well which are pre-requisites for any flow control system in the first place. So each of the companies in this sector of the market cross check each of their products and systems so that none of them is not at par with the customized specifications mentioned by the customers.

What are Actuators?

Actuators are mechanical devices that are used for the purpose of moving and thereon controlling a particular mechanical system often involving valves for example. Actuators make use of energy produced by air liquid or electricity and thereon convert that into physical energy initiating a motion.

Actuators can be of various kinds, to name a few would be,

Plasma actuator
Pneumatic actuator
Electric actuator
Hydraulic cylinders
Linear actuator

Oil valves its structure and importance in drilling:

Oil rigs or oil platform, whichever way you put it, is a huge structure that is used as a shelter for housing all the necessary machinery and the workers required on a drilling site in order to drill wells, dig up natural gas and liquid, treat and process the collected fluids thereon finally piping them to the shore from the ocean bed.

Rig of this kind can be both floating and fixed to the ocean floor or appear like a fake island, depending on the precise circumstances and the particular requirements. Rig for liquid extraction that are offshore platforms are in general located on continental shelves.

What is Oil Valve? Know about its multifarious uses.

Valves: Brief Introduction

Valves are float resistant meaning float-operated valves that are aimed to control levels of the liquid and the over all liquid flow out of the gas and liquid separating tank systems.

Presently, there are a number of novel and improved models of oil valves and valve-devices available in the market. These valves remove the used liquid from the drain pans and pertain to draining in particular.

Here’s a list of the various kinds of oil valves available in the market,

Gate Valves (Cameron (F, FC, FL, FLS), WKM (M), Shaffer (B, DB), McEvoy, Demco, QVM, Gray, Church, AOP, Array)
Manifold Valves (Build and repair, Choke and Kill Manifolds)
Choke Valves (H2 Style CNC Needle and Seat Chokes, Willis, M2 – M3, Multi Orifice Control Chokes)
Orbit Drilling Valves (7-1/16″ Full Bore Orbit Drilling Valve)
Check Valves (Cameron (M + MS) and other models)
Kelly Valves (TIW, National/Griffith and other models)
Safety Valves
Inside BOP Float Valves (Dart Inside BOP, Flapper Inside BOP and a lot of other new models that are being designed for augmented performance)
Reconditioned Valves

Valves may often need a repairing session after a few years of continuous wear and tear. Whether it is the choke or the manifold ones, the company who installed it for you will do the maintenance as well, just contact them. Valves, when they are repaired, the mechanic needs to follow a set of Material and Pressure Testing Specifications prevalent in the market. These are,

Valves repairing norm I: API 6A: Gates, Chokes
Valves repairing norm II: API Spec 7: Kelly Valves, Inside BOPs
Valves Repairing norm III: NACE MR0175: Materials for specific applications

All the above mentioned devices and accessories that have been included have their unique and specific use in the entire process of drilling and extraction of natural gas and liquid playing immensely important and specific role of purpose.