Line Pipe Dimensions, Weight and Schedule Chart (API 5L)

Oilfield Chart - Line Pipe Dimensions, Weight and Schedule Chart (API 5L)The Line Pipe Dimensions, Weight and Schedule Chart is useful for determining the size, outer diameter, inner diameter, schedule (thickness), wall, and weight of metal pipes. One can use the chart to accurately identify the best pipe for certain oil drilling or completion operations.

Line Pipe Dimensions, Weight and Schedule Table Analysis

The Table for Line Pipe Dimensions, Weight and Schedule shows the six columns for pipe size, outer diameter, inner diameter, schedule, wall and weight (in pounds and feet). For each pipe size, there are corresponding dimensional values.  

The Line Pipe Dimensions Table also shows that an increment in pipe size raises the wall thickness or schedule and weight. On the other hand, a decrease in pipe schedule is correlated with increased inner diameter, while the outer diameter remains constant.

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Line Pipe Dimensions, Weight and Schedule Chart (API 5L)

NPS (in)OD (in)SCH ASMESCH ASMESCH ASMEWall Thkns (in)Wall Thkns (mm)Wgt (lb/ft)Wgt (kg/m)ID (in)ID (mm)
wdt_IDNPS (in)OD (in)SCH ASMESCH ASMESCH ASMEWall Thkns (in)Wall Thkns (mm)Wgt (lb/ft)Wgt (kg/m)ID (in)ID (mm)

Line Pipe Dimensions: Definition of Terms

American Petroleum Institute (API)

API is the US trade association for the oil and natural gas industry.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

ASME is a US professional association for mechanical engineers. It is headquartered in New York.

American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

ANSI is a non-profit organization that promotes conformity across multiple industries.

Double-extra-strong Pipe

Pipe with its wall thickness increased above that of the standard-weight pipe to provide extra strength.

Electric Resistance Welding Pipe (ERWP)

ERWP is a type of pipe made by heating and pushing solid round steel and then shaping the steel into a hollow tube.

Extra Strong Pipe

Pipe with a wall thickness greater than that of the standard-weight-pipe.

Doubled Submerged Arc Welded (DSAW)

DSAW is pipe made from a raw material steel plate and produced by extruding through a process called double-sided merged arc welding.

Size or Nominal Pipe Size

The Nominal Pipe Size (NPS) refers to the North American standard for pipes used in high or low temperatures and pressures. NPS pertains only to the outer diameter or OD. The Outer Diameter remains unchanged while the wall thickness increases with larger Schedules. When NPS increases, the OD also increases. In practice, size defines the pipe wall thickness and pipe nominal diameter.

Inner Diameter

Also called bore diameter, the inner diameter starts from the left to the right side of the pipe’s inner interior.

Outside Diameter

The outer diameter is the distance from the outer wall to the other side, from top to bottom, and from left to right.


Schedule refers to the wall thickness of the pipe. In the past, wall thickness was classified as Standard (STD), Extra Strong (XS) and Double Extra Strong (XXS). STD is similar to schedule 40.

Standard Pipe

Standard pipe refers to the schedule based on wall thickness and nominal pipe size, which in turn is based on the diameter that is measured in inches.

Line Pipe Dimensions, Weight and Schedule Chart Abbreviations:

  • OD. – Outer Diameter
  • ID – Inner Diameter
  • In. – Inches
  • NPS – Nominal Pipe Size
  • SCH – Pipe Schedule
  • WGT – Weight
  • LB/FT – Pound per feet

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