Drill Collars

Drill Collars

Drill Collars are one of the parts of a drill’s string. Drill for the Collars is meant to provide weight for drilling purposes. The Drill Collars are thick walled tube like pieces that are machined from solid steel bars, although they are often made from plain carbon steel or the non magnetic alloy of copper and steel or other premium alloys that are non magnetic in nature. Drill collar has bars of solid steel that are drilled from one end to the other to provide a passage for pumping the drilling fluids through the collar.

Collars that are available for drilling have an external diameter that is made of steel and can be slightly machine perfected for making sure of the roundedness. Drill Collars are sometimes perfected with the help of spiral Collars or helical shaped grooves. Drill threaded collar have connections that are male or one end and female on the other and. These are cut into a multiple collar that can be adjusted with screw along with other down hole tools. Drill helps make a bottom hole assembly or BHA.

How are Drill Collars helpful in Various Applications?

The large mass of Drill Collars is acted upon by the gravitational force for providing them with the downward force for breaking rock with the bits. For controlling the force that is applied to the bit, the driller should carefully inspect the surface weight that is measured when the bit is just off the bottom of the well bore. Drill strings or bits are lowered until they touch the bottom. Collars in drilling are lowered to the top of the string. Drill applies increased weight to the collar and less weight is measured for hanging at the surface.

Effective Drilling Equipment

Collars surface measurement that weighs 20000 lbs. or 9080 kg less than the bit off the bottom means that there’s a force of 20000 lbs. on the bit in a vertical hole. Drill MWD down hole sensors help measure the weight on bit in a more precise manner for transferring the data to the surface. Drill collar is also known as a shaft collar and is an important component found in a lot of application tools. Drill applications are often gear boxes and motors. Drill collar is used in mechanical stops, bearing faces and locating components. Drill is easy to install.