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Integrated Services

—Integrated Services

—IO Field Development


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–IO Field Development


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Reservoir Services

Reservoir Consulting

–Technical Software

—Subsurface Modeling


—Hydraulic Fracturing

—Fluid Analysis and Characterization

—3D Completion Design

—Integrated Production Operations

—Development Platform

—Software Training and Support

—Academic Software Program

–Remote Operations Services

—Remote Visualization Services

—Information Management Services

—Remote Advisory Services

—Managed Customer Solutions

—Field Communication Services

—Launch WellLink

–Geoscience Services

—Deep Shear Wave Imaging

–Field Management Services

Microseismic Services


Drill Bits

—PDC Drill Bits

—Tricone Roller Cone Drill Bits

—Hole Enlargement

—INTEQ Drilling Optimization Service

—Coring Services

—Hybrid Drill Bit Technology

—DART Drilling Solutions

Drilling Services

—Directional Drilling Services

—Coiled Tubing and Reentry

—Measurement While Drilling

—Logging While Drilling

—Reservoir Navigation Services

—INTEQ Drilling Optimization Service

—Casing/Liner Drilling Systems

—Surface Logging Services

—Remote Drilling Services

—Coring Services

—Hole Enlargement

–Drilling and Completion Fluids

—Emulsion Drilling Fluids

—Water-Based Fluids

—Specialty Drilling Fluid Products

—Drill-In Fluids

—Solids Control Equipment

—Liquids Processing

—Solids Processing

—Waste Management

—Cuttings Conveyance

—Completions Fluids


Openhole Wireline Services



—Fluid Characterization and Testing

–Cased-Hole Wireline Services

—Production Logging

—Well Integrity

—Pipe Recovery

—Wireline-Conveyed Perforating Systems

—Reservoir Evaluation

Borehole Seismic Services


—Borehole Seismic Sources and Source Control

—Borehole Seismic Acquisition Services

—Borehole Seismic Deployment

—Downhole Instruments

—SeismicTrak Seismic-While-Drilling Service

Coring Services

—Conventional Coring

—Sidewall Coring Services

–Geoscience Services

—Deep Shear Wave Imaging

Logging While Drilling

—TesTrak Formation Pressure Testing

—MagTrak LWD Magnetic Resonance Service

—LithoTrak Bulk Density and Neutron Porosity

—OnTrak Integrated MWD and LWD

—AziTrak Deep Azimuthal Resistivity

—ZoneTrak R At-Bit Resistivity Service

—StarTrak High-Definition Resistivity Imaging

—SoundTrak Acoustic Formation Measurements

—SeismicTrak Seismic-While-Drilling Service

—FASTrak LWD Fluid Analysis Sampling and Testing Service

—ZoneTrak G Near-Bit Gamma Service

—VisiTrak Reservoir Navigation and Analysis Service

Wireline Conveyance

—Deployment Optimization

Surface Logging Services

—Geologic Services

—Advanced Cuttings Evaluation Service

—Gas Measurement and Monitoring

—Advanced Gas Analysis

—Fluids Monitoring

—Operations Monitoring


Well Completions

—Completion Fluids

—Production Packers

—Subsurface Safety Systems

—Liner Hanger System

—Sand Control Pumping, Tools, and Services

—Tubing-Conveyed Perforating

—Drill-In Fluids

—Multistage Hydraulic Fracturing

Wellbore Construction

—Multilateral Systems

—Liner Solutions

—Expandable Solid Tubular Systems

Well Interventions

Fishing Services

—Conventional Fishing Services

—Casing Exits

—Sentio Smart Intervention Services

—Wellbore Cleanup

–Remedial and Stimulation

—Compression-Set Packers

—Control Valves and Surge Valves

—Drillable Bridge Plugs

—Drillable Cement Retainers

—General Remedial

—Heavy-Duty Compression-Set Packers

—Retrievable Bridge Plugs

—Setting Tools and Wireline Accessories

—Tension Set Service Packers

—STONE WALL V0-Rated Well Barriers


Aquaness Chemicals

—FORSA Flow Assurance Solutions

—Production Optimization

—Integrity Management

—Chemical Automation Services

—Greenfield/CAPEX Projects

—ProductionWave Production Solution

Upstream Chemicals

—FORSA Flow Assurance Solutions

—Production Optimization

—Integrity Management

—Chemical Automation Services

—Greenfield/CAPEX Projects

—ProductionWave Production Solution

Artificial Lift

—Electrical Submersible Pumping Systems

—Progressing Cavity Pumping Systems

—Horizontal Surface Pumping Systems

—Gas Lift Systems

—Surface Electrical Control Systems

—ProductionWave Production Solution

—Artificial Lift Research and Technology Center

—AMBIT ESP Monitoring Services

Intelligent Production Systems

—Intelligent Well Systems

—Well Monitoring Solutions

—Production Decision Services

Pressure Pumping

Hydraulic Fracturing

—StimPlus Service

—Global Shale Team

—Multistage Hydraulic Fracturing

—Environmental Solutions and Chemical Disclosure

—Hydraulic Fracturing Surface Systems

—Fracturing Fluid Systems

—Proppant Technology

—Ascent High-Side Fracturing Services

—REAL Connect Service

Cementing Services

—Set for Life Cementing Systems

—Spacer Systems

—Liquid Stone Cement System

—Cementing Design and Testing

—Wellsite Execution

—Cementing Applications

—Temporary Zonal Isolation

Coiled Tubing Services

—TeleCoil Intelligent Coiled Tubing Services

—CIRCA Coiled Tubing Software

—EasyReach Extended-Reach Coiled Tubing Service

—Advanced Coiled Tubing Tools

—OptiStriker Straddle Packer Hydraulic Fracturing Technology

—Micro CT Coiled Tubing Services

Acidizing Services

—REAL Acid Divert Temporary Diversion Agent

—DeepSpot Complete Acid Fracturing Service

—SandStoneDivert Viscoelastic Surfactant Diverter System

Offshore Stimulation Services

—Well Stimulation Vessels

—StimFORCE Modular Stimulation System

—ConFINE Fines Fixing Agent

Tubular Services

Casing and Tubing Running Services

–Completion Assembly Services

–Hammer Services

–Mastiff Rigless Intervention System

Process and Pipeline Services

Process Services

—Nitrogen Services

—Testing, Cleaning, and Drying Services

—Integrated Precommissioning Services

—Integrated Turnaround Services

—Mobile Flaring Services

—Temporary Fuel Gas and LNG Supply

—Refinery Coke Cutting

—Enhanced Oil Recovery

Pipeline Services

—Pipeline Precommissioning

—Pipeline Commissioning

—Pipeline Maintenance

—Pipeline Inspection Services

—Integrated Pipeline Services

—Deepwater Pipeline Solutions

Downstream Chemicals


—FLO Pipeline Drag Reducers

—Cleaning and Degassing

—Opportunity Crude Processing

—Utility Boiler and Fired Heaters

—Corrosion Control

—Desalting Optimization

—Fouling Control

—Delayed Coker Antifoam

Fuel Terminal Additives

—Heavy Fuel Oil Combustion Additives


—SULFIX H2S Scavengers

—Cold-Flow Additives

—Fuel Lubricity Improvers

—Cetane Improvers

—Fuel Dehazers

—Rust Inhibitors

—Fuel Biocides

—Conductivity Improvers

—Non-Fe Corrosion Control

Fuel Additive Technology

—Heavy Fuel Oil Combustion Additives

—Cold-Flow Additives

—Fuel Lubricity Improvers

—SULFIX H2S Scavengers

—Cetane Improvers

—Fuel Dehazers

—Fuel Biocides

—Rust Inhibitors

—Conductivity Improvers

—Non-Fe Corrosion Control


—EXALT Sulfur Extraction Services

–Industrial Water Management and Treatment Solutions

—Cooling Water Treatment Solutions

—Waste Water Treatment Solutions

—Boiler Water Treatment Solutions

Petrochemical Manufacturing

—Utility Boilers and Fired Heaters

—Cleaning and Degassing

–Power Generation

—BASTION Fuel Treatment Services

—MAGnate Gas Turbine Fuel Services

—Stationary Diesel Engines

–XpertLink Data Management Services

Specialty Chemicals


—MAGNACIDE H Herbicide


Specialty Polymers


—Plastics Additives


—Imaging and Coatings

—New Phase Technologies

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Technical Software

–Subsurface Modeling


–Hydraulic Fracturing

–Fluid Analysis and Characterization

–3D Completion Design

–Integrated Production Operations

–Development Platform

–Software Training and Support

–Academic Software Program