OnShore Rig

Oil Drilling can Use Updated Relevant Systems

Onshore rig offers an up-to-date; scientifically superior and best quality drilling set up along with relevant systems for the entire essential onshore, that is the land based operations that you might need to do. The onshore rig allows the customers to make use of the various kinds of land rigs and other additional rig kinds in any way they deem necessary.

Onshore rigs can be of two basic kinds,

  • The Land Rig
  • The Work-over Rig

Both the two mentioned kinds come in the form of desert wheeled categories that can be transported by air across coarse topography which may consist of the harsh desert location or any kind of inaccessible land sites.

Equipments and Products

Some of the common equipments and products that are available for cost-effective onshore rigs like the new land rigs (900HP-300HP) are as follows,

  • Mud Pumps
  • Drawworks
  • Rotary with New Power
  • Controlled Mud Systems
  • Rig Control Equipment
  • Modular AC and DC Drawworks
  • Rack and Pinion Rigs-push/pull rigs
  • Rig Automation Equipment

Onshore Rig: Control and Power Products

  • Onshore Engines and Generators
  • SCR Control Systems
  • Rig Auto Driller
  • Mud Monitoring Systems
  • AC Variable Frequency Drive Systems
  • Drilling & Monitoring Systems

Common Services that rigs offer

  • One of the most common services that an onshore rig offers is the remanufacturing of drawworks, rotary, mud pumps, etc
  • It also indulges in re-powering activities involving brand new engines thereby establishing new control systems. This is one of the most effective and novel things that it does helping in imparting better services.
  • It also takes care of the modernization of existing rigs, transforming them with updated equipments, tools and parts.
  • Rig system conversion is yet another significant of the things that it does, changing from a prior mechanical form to a brand new electrical form which is a lot easier to handle, maintain and repair in conditions of breakdown. The conversion generally takes place between a DC SCR which is Silicon Controlled Rectifier Drive to an AC VFD which is the Variable Frequency Drives.
  • Rig also takes care of all the onshore drilling and work-over operations and offshore platform boring operations as well. The operations further include working with dynamically situated drill ships and semi-submersible drilling units that are really effective.

So finally before you buy land rigs you should have an idea of all the latest drilling technologies so that you can mention your list of priorities to the company you are buying the machinery from. This will be necessary because only then you can expect to carry out all the presumed tasks that you have in mind in context to drilling.