Downhole Equipment

Downhole Equipment refers to the hydraulic oil recovery system that takes into account an above the ground unit as well as a submersible and reciprocating Downhole pump unit. The system helps in the constant pumping of oil when the upstroke and down stroke takes place. This mechanism is helpful in the doubling of oil production without practically increasing the consumption of energy while the operation is in progress.

Downhole Equipment Requirements

A water based fluid, instead of a hydraulic fluid, is helpful in the actuation of the reciprocating pump unit of the down hole. The water based fluid is transferred through the Equipment or system with the help of coil tubing. This is a mechanism that also is dependent upon coil exterior production tubing for coming up with outstanding benefit in the different oil wells.

Downhole Equipment for Oil Wells

Downhole Equipment for oil well pulling as well as running is a mechanism that provides a tool body that can release a work string in the form of a tool assembly and for reattachment in case it is desired. For making a re-establishment of the circulations, which is for pumping the Downhole fluid down the work string as well as up the annulus of the oil well, pressure is increased after detachment across an already existent pressure that forces the ball through the seat into a cage.

Equipment cage is shaped and sized for carrying a variety of ball valving members for performing functions like unlatching and relatching. The procedure may be repeated as many times as you want until the cage of the ball is filled up. It also provides a delay or system for timing for allowing the debris to pass through the tool without releasing it.

The Downhole Equipment takes into account the following characteristics:

  • Downhole has to be an elongated tool with an upper end portion that indicates a connection with the work string
  • The tool body of the mechanism comprises a tubular main body portion that has upper and lower end portions with a main body having a bore
  • The elongated Equipment or tubular piston that can be slid within the bore of the main body
  • A piston lock for locking the piston in a first running position
  • The piston with a valve seat
  • A deformable ball valving member for the formation of a closure with the seat of the valve; the valving member is a separate ball member that can be dropped into the tool bore and the ball valving member. It can be transmitted from the well the surface area to the valve seat through the work string and the tool body.
  • A cage member disposed below the seat of the valve
  • A channel that extends between the cage member and valve seat
  • Means for transportation of the ball valving member from the seat to the cage where the ball valving member is managed to fit the seat forming a seal. The valving member can be deformed to stick to the means of the passage.

The tool apparatus of the Downhole is the place for holding the plastic ball valving member. Equipment for oil drilling includes production tools that can be detached from a tool assembly in case it becomes stuck or attached in the well bore by sand or debris. The purpose of the improved releasing mechanism is to operate the pump with the help of a deformable ball valving member through the coil tubing bore until it is seated on the piston. Pressure is exerted via the surface through the coil tubing or work string bore until a pressure difference is attained when it turns to the shift of a piston, by the release of a locking member that is kept intact with a spring, set of screws, shear pins or both for letting the device part and leave the stuck part of the assembly in the hole to be fished out with other kinds of equipment.

Downhole re-establishment of the circulation for making it capable of pumping the fluid down the work string and up through the annulus of the well is made by increasing the pressure across the seated ball by forcing it through the seat into a ball cage. When the remedial work is performed on the oil and gas wells, and sometimes when the wells are drilled, a few of the downhole tool assemblies are transferred into the well bore on an incessant coiled tube or on a series of connected joints of the threaded pipe.

It is often a desirable option to detach the option from the tool assemblies. For instance, the tool assembly can become stuck and/or plugged into the hole by debris or sand. Downhole systems and mechanisms of several varieties are operated by pumping street balls down through the work string. The ball valving member is arrived at by a releasing device and is seated in a piston.

The Downhole systems indicate the connection of a drill or work string where the tool body is connected to the drill or work string with a flow bore. The tool apparatus is equipped with a restricted diameter portion which is smaller that the diameter of the ball valving member. Sometimes the piston lock consists of a part of the string and the locking part consists of a shear pin that connects the piston and the main body. The spring binds the tool apparatus where the ball valving member is deformable. The tool apparatus can bias the piston towards the upper piston.