Unitized Mud Pumps

What are some of the Uses of the Pumps?

Mud Pumps are available for the different purposes of drilling and extracting of oil. In fact, the Unitized Pumps are a work of the hydraulic mechanical transmission. Unitized pump parts include 4 types of packages such as the air clutch transmission takes in the diesel engine, transmission (including card and shaft, decelerator, clutch, belt and pulley) and the Mud pump. The Mud Pumps are also inclusive of the hydraulic coupling transmission that consists of the diesel engine, hydraulic coupling and the Mud pump. It also includes the electric drive Mud pump and the chain transmission for apt design and assembling.

The Unitized design Pumps are built as well as licensed according to the specifications of the American Petroleum Institute where the master skid is the standard oilfield 3 runner skid. Mud Pumps like the F 1000 are driven by the diesel engine with the help of the narrow V belts. Pumps are complete with a bulk wheel, a set of V belts, a screw assembly, a belt guard and the screw devices for tightening the belts. Mud pump like the triplex liner single action pumps has an input power of 1000 horse power. The maximum stroke is all of 10 inches or 254 mm.

Constituents of a Transmission Pump

Mud parts also contain a maximum working pressure of 5000 PSI or 35 MPA. The Mud Pumps have a gear type made of integral herring bone with API 6 valve pots. The intake of the F 1000 Pumps is 12 inches or 305 mm and they have a discharge space of 4 inches or 102 mm. Mud pump also contain a pulsation dampener model that has a capacity of 75.7 liters or 20 gallons. The relief valve and pressure gauge are also an important part of the Mud pump as they help in various ways.

Mud pump like the diesel engine has a rated speed of about 1200 revolutions per minute and the movement takes place in an anticlockwise direction with the face output shaft end. For the purpose of testing and commissioning, the Mud pump needs to be installed and secured with machinery and different kinds of equipment. Furnish the lube products for testing and the diesel is required to be run for testing the transmission devices. To give you an idea, the Mud pump that is being discussed in this category is available at competitive prices and can be obtained for pneumatic clutch transmission that can be adjusted according to customer’s requirements.