Wellhead Equipment

Wellhead Equipment can be classified as the conventional components. Wellheads consist of base plates which are easily detachable from the casing head for reattaching and welding. Equipment like them provides extra load for supporting the higher caseloads.

Wellhead Equipment Brief Overview

Wellhead casing has a straight bore design that accepts casings of different hangers. The line pipe threaded outlets, studded or flanged outlets can be also provided. Bottom preps include a slip on weld and threaded connections.

Equipment like casing hangers combine pack off and slip bowl hangers. Wellhead is easy to install and is also fluted for allowing the cement returns. Wellhead Equipment can also be included as the casing spools that have a top bowl configuration. Equipment has locking pins. Wellhead secondary seals help in the installation of tubing heads and casing spools to provide pressure energized secondary seals. Wellheads tubing has a fully opened straight bore design with a dual completion head available and is compatible with a variety of tubing hangers.