Workover Rigs

Some of the Uses of a Workover

Workover Rig is available for both onshore as well as offshore Workover purposes at affordable prices. There are a number of companies that manufacture the Workover Rig as well as Rig packages that are required for different kinds of drilling jobs and meet the standards that have been set by the American Petroleum Institute or the API. The Rig packages are shipped worldwide. The rigs are included other than the simple Workover and they include the following:

Workover Rig Parts Consist of:

  • Rig for Drilling
  • Top drives
  • Triplex mud pumps
  • Blow out preventers
  • BOP control systems
  • Oil country tubular goods

Workover Rig

Workover Rig is known as the Workover the different types of rigs include the offshore and onshore Rig that range from 150 horsepower to 1000 horsepower. Workover rigs have a surface depth that is equipped with diesel engines and transmissions and is available from 8000 ft to 30000 ft. Workover rigs contain a full line of drilling packages. Rig takes into account the skid mounted drilling rigs and the ones that are trailer mounted. Workover skid mounted drilling rigs incorporate the diesel-electric AC/VFD or the DC/SCR drive rigs, mechanical drive rigs and the combination drive Rig that ranges from 1000 horsepower to 6000 horsepower; while the trailer mounted Rig ranges from 450 horsepower to 1000 horsepower.

Workover Rig and the Functions of Workover

Workover Rig is a work of the self propellant mechanism and consists of the following:

  • Right angle gear box
  • Carrier
  • Draw works
  • Brakes cooling system
  • Hydraulic winch
  • Hydro brake
  • Swivel
  • Substructure
  • Air slip
  • Air system
  • Hydraulic system of drill console

A lot of Workover Rig uses the double telescopic mast with the help of a single mast and is operated by wide wheel base axels, high strength steel beam, low cross section tires, dual pipeline brakes as well as hydraulic assist steering for the Workover. Rig mast is a double section type and uses a telescopic mast for dual safety protection. The gear shift and throttle of the engine can be remote controlled.

Workover Rig and the Functions of Workover

Workover types of Rig are available in the form of the single drum as well as the double drum. The groove ensures the alignment of in place as well as for long life. The optional Workover accessories for the auxiliary brakes include air thrust disc type clutch, brakes for the braking of the main drum, forced water circulating cooling with the brake rims as well as the optional brakes. Workover rigs are centrally controlled with electricity. The other kinds of drilling equipment include drilling equipment, triplex mud pumps, well control equipment; solids control equipment, oil control tubular goods and quality equipment. Work over rigs run casing tools and clean outs inside and outside a hole already drilled.