OCTG Casing, Tubing, Drill Pipe

OCTG or Oil Country Tubular Goods Supply is one of the leading manufacturers of casing, drill pipe, tubing, drill, casing tubing, normal pipe and various other kinds of specific pipe. The company includes three vivid kinds of seamless tubes which are further delivered in quenched and tempered condition including drilling pipes (that help rotate the bit and churn the liquid used for the drilling process), casings (that are used for lining the hole) and the tubes through which the oil and the gas carry on to the well bore. The joints in the tubes are in general of a length of about 30 ft [9 m] and also provided with individual thread connections on each of the ends of the tube. On the other hand the joints in the casing tubing drill pipes which are of almost the same length are attached together using particular tool joints that are specially made for this purpose.

Some of the other parts and accessories that are also manufactured by OCTG are oilfield casing, pup joints, drill collars, HDD rods, and crossovers along with other allied premium tubular products. Some additional associating parts available are:

  • Christmas-Trees
  • Collars
  • Crossovers
  • Drill Bits
  • Heavy Weight Drilling Pipes
  • Lifting Subs. Torques
  • Packers
  • Pony Drilling Collars
  • Spiral Drilling Collars
  • Valves
  • Wellheads

OCTG Casing and Tubing Drill Pipe Descriptions

OCTG Casing Pipe

Casing tubing drill pipe is one of the seamless casing and tubing specialties of OCTG in the category of seamless products that are specially made. Casing tubing drill pipes have a diameter of 2-3/8-13-3/8 inches and thickness of 0.19-1.00 inches. Drill pipe of this kind are of the steel grade quality, the precise grades you would find with OCTG casing pipes are, H-40, C-90, J55/K55, N80, L80, C-95, P110. Tubing drill pipe of this kind are especially sued in the oil field industries where there are specific areas that these pipes need to cater to. Tubing drill pipes ensure thread connections of various kinds including the following categories,

  • Integral thread seal connections
  • Extreme line
  • VAM premium connections
  • Integral connections
  • API (STC and LTC)
  • BTC
  • Integral metal seal connections
  • Threaded connections
  • Coupled connections

OCTG Drill Pipe

The OCTG Drill Pipe is a special product with an exclusive model number of WSP204 available in a series of variant sizes so that the users can use the pipes for their specific needs as and when required. The available drill pipe sizes are,

  • OD 2 3/8inches
  • 2 7/8inches
  • 3 1/2inches
  • 4inches
  • 4 1/2inches
  • 5inches
  • 5½inches

The standard pipe types for the drilling purposes are the API SPEC 7 and the API SPEC 5D. Pipe of this category may either have an IEU-internal & external upset or an EU-external upset. Available in three main grades of E-75, X-95, G-105 and S-135 these pipes have a very high demand in the market specials with the off-shore oil drilling companies and are used for packing bundle.

OCTG Casing Thermal Insulation Oil Pipe is precisely used for the specific and complex purpose of hot well drilling. Pipe of this kind are available in the market in just two sizes being OD 3 1/2inches and 5inches respectively. The grades available in the market for the Thermal Insulation Oil Pipe is just two, N80 and P110! As far as the standard of this pipe is concerned, it can work successfully under WSP tentative technical delivery circumstances and any related situations and used for bundle and bulk uses precisely.

OCTG Premium Connections

The Premium Connection Series is a special range of casing tubing accessories that are manufactured and marketed by the Oil Country Tubular Goods Supply. The series is retailed under the model number of WSP303 and there is a huge range of an assortment of complicated purposes that these accessories are used to take care of.

Take a look at the usage scope of the Premium Connection Series casing tubing accessories,

  • The Premium Connection Series that includes both tubing and casing parts are used large scale in high pressure oil wells.
  • Casing tubing accessories of this series are used in the high pressure gas wells as well.
  • Deep and over deep wells are another place where casing tubing parts of the Premium Connection Series find a very significant use.
  • Drill accessories of this kind are used in high collapse wells and hot well-drilling wells as well.
  • Drill pipe of this kind come in handy when digging oriented wells and specifically over-clint wells that are horizontally dug.

The standard pipe qualities of this kind available in the market are, Non-API standard and API 5CT. Casing pipe sizes available are OD 2 3/8″ to 13 3/8″. So the companies enjoy the chance of picking on just any size that will go aptly with their tubing requirement.

OCTG Tubing Grades

Tubing grades for the Premium Connection Series N80, L80, T95, P110 and J55, K55.

Casings for drilling pipe are another of the popular drill accessories and manufactured and marketed by the Oil Country Tubular Goods Supply. There are as many as 6 different grades of this pipe casing available in the market which are:

  • J55
  • K55
  • N80
  • L80
  • T95
  • P110

Some of the other information in the context of these pipe cases is as follows. Take a look at the following table which will give you brief information,

Sizes of Casing: OD 4 1/2″ to 13 3/8″

Type of threading of the pipe: STC, LTC, BTC, WSP-1T

Tubing Pipe length: R3 10.36-12.20 (34″-40″)

Standard of the Pipe: API 5CT, API 5B

With so many variant kinds of accessories available, no wonder the Oil Country Tubular Goods Supply is one of the biggest names who is sought after by both public and private concerns when it comes to oil drilling works.