Onshore Land Drilling Rigs

Drilling rigs are a perfect blend of quality, modernity and versatility. Drilling rigs are highly competent and technology driven. Drilling Rigs can be also used for up gradation of the modern rigs. The highly modern structure of the Rigs and the Drilling tools can be transported to any environment from the dry deserts to the remotest areas of the world.

Onshore land drilling services very efficiently provides for construction of drilling rigs and work over services. Drilling services relating to onshore land drilling is very commonly found in parts of Russia, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan.

Onshore land drilling rigs includes functions like product manufacturing, examination, assessment of oil gasses and wells of different kinds. The wells can be vertical or horizontal ranging between 1200 meters to 5000 meters in depth.

In Brazil the onshore land drilling rigs has achieved great heights. The basic idea behind this whole thing is to increase the onshore production of oil by 30% the year 2010. The aim is also to finish up Drilling of up to 900 onshore wells every year.

The General Onshore Drilling Department, formed in the north and the north eastern regions of Brazil sees to it that the set target is achieved making use of the best drilling practices. Drilling practices in the land is also carried out with utmost protection taking care of the environment.

Drilling rigs, its utility:

Onshore Drilling Rigs have to be doubled in order to achieve the set targets. The old wells for Drilling Rigs need to be opened. For Drilling Rigs many old wells also need to be restored. The successful completion of the Drilling rigs depends on bulk buying, enhanced control of cost, and improved machinery.

Land drilling rigs in Brazil are significantly advantageous. Investments in Land drilling rigs are not very high. The risk involved in land Drilling Rigs is also low as compared to marine Drilling Rigs.

Land drilling is simpler, for you can easily carry the Drilling tools from one place to another. Onshore installations can be easily assembled. You can also easily recover your invested money through Land drilling.

In the Middle East, Onshore land Drilling provides versatile and high quality Drilling Rigs. Onshore land Drilling also helps to improve and modify the existing Rigs.

Rigs structures that are innovative are indispensable for Drilling Rigs. Land Rigs are made up of the latest Drilling technologies. Rigs for Drilling are very well maintained and serviced regularly. Rigs for Drilling can easily be transported from state to state.

Advanced Land Drilling Rigs attracts more potential customers than old Land Drilling Rigs. Electronically driven Land Drilling Rigs are capable of Drilling up to 18000 feet. Drilling module packages are also available.

Drilling rigs features:

Drilling rigs have the following features that make them unique:

  • Drilling rigs can easily be transported by air
  • Land Drilling rigs can wheeled on the desert
  • Land Drilling rigs can be taken to rough terrains
  • Drilling rigs on Land can be worked over

Land drilling and operations concerning work over:

Drilling operations are same like that of offshore Drilling operations.

Drilling rig products:

  • Modern land rigs 800HP- 3000HP
  • Drilling rigs are very inexpensive and energy saving
  • Drilling rigs mechanization and controls
  • Drilling rigs AC and DC modular Draw works
  • Drilling push and pull rigs

Power/ control products:

  • Engines and generators
  • Control systems of SCR
  • Drive systems with AC Variable frequency
  • Drilling with auto driller
  • Drilling with mud monitoring apparatus
  • Drilling and monitoring systems

Onshore land drills perform important functions:

Onshore land drilling can be used for circulating mud to the wells. The process of land drilling performs a number of important functions. The significant functions performed are described below:

  • The on shore land drilling rigs are very efficient in cleaning the bottom of the wells
  • The onshore land drilling rigs help to cool down the drilling bit
  • The task of lubricating the onshore land rigs are also performed by the drills
  • The on shore land drilling rigs help to fuse the walls of the well-bore
  • The onshore land drilling rigs also help to regulate the pressure of oil, gas and water

The process of drilling begins in the huge bit anchored to the drill collar and drill pipe. A new drill pipe is joined with the drill string, when the process of drilling reaches certain depth. The procedure is generally repeated until the desired results are reached. The well bore which is cased using a steel casing is penetrated into the well bore. The joint is then cemented to prevent any emission of fluids.

In the next stage a drill bit of lesser diameter is penetrated inside the well bore and the previous operations are repeated itself. With the advancement in the drilling procedure smaller drill bits are used and the case hole diameter also goes on decreasing. It is very important that the drilling bit is replaced by new drilling bits. This process involves the removal of the whole drill string.

A self induced drilling tender mounted on a drilling rig is capable of being transported from one place to another. This enables the ships which participate in the drilling process to act as drilling ships. The legs of the platform can be lowered and the platform can be allowed to function independently as drilling platform. If necessary the drilling rigs can be lifted up from the drilling platform and placed on the near by land operations. This helps to carry out the land drilling operations to take place.