Pipe and Tubular Products

Tubular products are widely used by the energy industry all over the globe. The customers linked with the energy industries make use of the pipelines, casing and tubing, coupling to trace, recover, communicate and refine the oil and natural gas products. Oilfield providing us with oil and natural gas is indispensable worldwide. Sensitive oil field is also designed to handle the tubular requirements.

Tubular products are extensively used by the customers belonging to the industrial, automobile, power producing industries for appliances like- hydraulic cylinders, axles of vehicles, industrial and agricultural tools and many more such things.

Tubular Products that are seamless and welded provides its customers with different types of finishes. Tubular Products are considered to be of primary importance in petroleum and chemical industries world wide. Pipe tubular all over the world are gaining popularity everyday for supplying advanced technology and quality services. Products supplied to the customers are of very superior quality.

The pipe and tubular products consist of a moveable long cradle for loading or even if necessary offloading the pipe near a well. When the cradle is placed horizontally and tilted for loading, the loading pipes get a pipe from the loading stand, upon which people shift the pipe from the loading arms in the stand. Pipe on the raised end can be placed on the drilling rig floor. Pipe can also be taken out from a well following the reverse process.

Oilfield Pipe for Pipe Drilling

Oilfield pipe supply mainly specializes in selling secondary pipes and structural goods. Oil field tubular products may also be lubricating oils for meeting the daily needs of the customers. Products of the oil field provides with drilling equipments. Products of the oil field also help the production industries for carrying out operations all over the world.


In the Oman block the Tubular services provide its customers with casing and tubing services. All the other services related with the tubular services in Saudi Arabia are provided by dedicated service personnel. There by providing enhanced and integrated communication system.

The tubular services are particularly famous for providing top quality connections, tubular with high chrome content, dual, triple, and sub sea completions and also hammer conductor driving services. Tubular services are famous all over the world for its innovations and high end technologies. The manipulating system of tubular services provides its customers with enhanced safety measures.