Line Pipe Size and Weight Chart

Oilfield Chart - Line Pipe Size and Weight Chart

Line Pipe Size and Weight

Line Pipe Size and Weight Chart is a table of information that provides precise structural details of certain pipe. It gives customers an overview of how efficient the pipe can be.

In the gas and oil industry, line pipe are widely utilized to transport fluids such as petroleum, natural gas, and crude products. The pipe usually carries a certain product. To ensure that the material is suitable for a certain project, it is manufactured under the standards of the American Petroleum Institute. The main focus of the institution is to create a series of quality standards in accordance with environmental and legislative guidelines.

Line Pipe Size and Weight Discussion

For line pipe, the institute has mandated the industry to follow API Specification 5L. Its production involves the process of using micro-alloy heating treatment. This specification states that the pipe will be used to transport products from the gas and oil industry. Moreover, it helps enterprises to develop the material’s cost-effectiveness and efficiency.  

Such field manufactures two kinds of line pipe: welded line pipe and seamless line pipe. Pipe have different sizes and weights. This is determined by its NPS, O.D, and Pipe Schedule.

NPS is the globally followed standard size for different pipe used for temperatures and pressure ranging from high to low. The term nominalrefers to the diameter of the material.

Pipe Schedule is used to determine the wall thickness of different pipe sizes. The SCH uses the standards of the American Society of Mechanical Engineering. There are 11 new schedules developed: 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, & 160. SCH 40 is the most popular.

Line Pipe Size and Weight Benefits

Line pipe are widely used for liquid transportation because of the various benefits they offer. For instance, opting for line pipe will significantly curtail the transportation cost. This reason alone captivates the interest of customers. Another reason is that maintenance is not necessary once it is installed as the material is made to be highly resistant to chemicals elements and corrosion. Investing in line pipe can also be a great decision as this material is designed to last for more 20 years.

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Line Pipe Size and Weight Chart

Nom. SizeODSCHWallLb/ft
wdt_IDNom. SizeODSCHWallLb/ft
240 Std0.0680.2447
380 Ex Hvy0.0950.3145
540 Std0.0880.4248
680 Ex Hvy0.1190.5351
840 Std0.0910.5676
980 Ex Hvy0.1260.7388

Line Pipe Size and Weight Chart Abbreviations:

  • O.D. – Outer Diameter
  • Lbs/ft – pounds per feet
  • Std – Standard
  • SCH – Schedule
  • Ex Hvy – Extra Heavy
  • XX Hvy – Double Extra Heavy

Metrification Formula

  • O.D X 25.4 = mm
  • I.D x 25.4 = mm Wall x 25.4 = mm
  • Lbs/ft x 1.488 = kg/meter

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