Hook Blocks

Hook blocks are especially designed, engineered and manufactured for the purpose of meeting the precise needs of the industrial customers who work in context to construction and civil engineering. Hook blocks comprise a very significant part of both the standby and the continuous service requirements necessary on construction sites and for various other lifting and suspension purposes as well.

Hook blocks are required on all sorts of fabricated constructions and heavy duty machined sites. The list of necessary kinds of blocks of hook also include hook blocks that are forged and the steel sheaved hook blocks that have hardened grooves as well. Hook blocks are in particular created in such a way that they would allow the ease in the process of installation and further operation in the following phases. Some of the other standard units of blocks include,

  • Mechanical rotating hook blocks
  • Optional motor driven hook blocks

Blocks with hooks are contrived to rotate a total 360 degrees which is necessary and are also outfitted with further voluntary rotation stops that can be incorporated as and when required.

You should always buy hook blocks from a company that offers re-manufacturing services including,

  • Absolute inspection
  • Detailed study of any kind of breakdown
  • Detailed reporting
  • Support for all kinds of hook blocks
  • Blocks repairs inclusive
  • Resources of original equipments
  • Blocks that are custom-made with superior engineering according to specific capacity and dimension related necessities

These hooks are used for all steel constructions, including any kind of operations involving rolled steel side plates that are extra heavy along with entirely shroud sheaves. The hooks can also be equipped with Roller Bearings or Tapered Roller Bearing sheaves which make the entire process a lot more effective. In case you are looking for some high speed service in particular, then the experts would recommend use of Tapered Roller Bearing sheaves.

But you keep an eye that the sheaves are 14″ hardened with a larger flame. Sheave lubrication is a special process that is generally done through the center pin. Separate lube channels are used to each bearing; in case you are in need for something else then better mention it to the manufacturer. The swivel hooks are further outfitted with roller thrust bearings and pressure grease fittings as well. The most expedient part is the convenient dead end that is left for the open type wire rope sockets which may be brought into use from time to time according to specifications. This makes the entire set-up a lot stronger. The result is a compact yet short and effective overall design that proves effective for any of your specific needs.