OCTG Supply

Octg refers to Oil Country Tubular Goods which refer to the pipe and tube products that are used in the petroleum industry. Octg are primarily of three kinds. They are:

  • Drill pipes
  • Oil pipes, and
  • Pipe casings

Factors on which the Supply Depends

Supply of Octg depends upon a number of factors. Octg Supply also takes in casings, tubing, drill pipes, pup joints, drill collars, HDD rods, crossovers and other related premium tubular products and many other Octg accessories. The accessories of Octg take into account of the Supply of the following:

  • Pup joints
  • Crossovers
  • Lifting subs and torques
  • Packers
  • Wellheads
  • Christmas trees
  • Valves
  • Collars

Octg also takes in production pipes as well as structural pipes. Octg Supply of the former takes into account production casing, production rods as well as production tubing, whereas Octg Supply of the latter takes into account structural casing, structural rods as well as structural tubing. Supply of the Oil Country Tubular Goods primarily includes 3 kinds of seamless tubes that are generally delivered in tempered and quenched condition. Supply of Country Tubular Goods comprises the casing pipe, drill pipe and tubing. Now, take a look at the different kinds of Octg supplies.

Types of the Oil Country Tubular Goods Supplies

  • The first and foremost category in this regard is the drill pipe, the Supply of which is available in most Octg Supply firms. These are in fact heavy as well as seamless tubes which rotate the drill bit as well as enable the circulation of the drilling fluid. The tool joints are often towed along with the joints of pipes that are 30 ft or 9m in terms of length.
  • Supplies of Oil Country Tubular Goods secondly consist of casing pipes that is used to line the hole.
  • Thirdly, Oil Country Tubular Goods supplies consist of the tubing which refers to the pipe through which the gas or oil is produced from the well bore. Generally, the tubing joints are more or less 30ft or 9 m in length along with a connection by a thread on either end.

Oil Country Tubular Goods take in drill pipes and production tubes that can be supplied in a good variety of designs, sizes and metallurgical combinations and are manufactured out of seamless pipes that have a high quality and are connected with the required specifications of API or Application Programming Interface. Oil Country Tubular Goods can be supplied by different kinds of suppliers according to the following:

  • Specifications
  • Dimensions
  • Length
  • Friction welded tool joints
  • Classified bands