Egypt: Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan Reach Preliminary Agreement On Dam Operations – Mena

Cairo — Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan reached a preliminary draft agreement governing the Renaissance dam operations, state-run news agency MENA reported Friday.

The draft includes principles governing cooperation among the three countries to benefit from the eastern Nile water and the dam, as well as overcoming lingering issues that affect Egypt and Sudan.

According to MENA, the draft will be sent for review by the heads of the three countries for ratification.

Upon completion, the 4 billion dollar dam built by Ethiopia will be Africa’s largest dam. It aims to generate cheap electricity to countries as far away from the Nile basin as South Africa and Morocco.

Egypt believes the dam would negatively affect its share of the Nile water. The hydroelectric dam is being built on the Blue Nile, which provides Egypt with 85 percent of its Nile water share.

Egypt’s Water Minister Hossam Moghazi said that the principles agreed upon organise the mechanisms of operation and cooperation on the dam.

Experts from the three countries currently convening in Khartoum are reviewing proposals by potenial international consultancy firms to undertake the dam’s technical path’s studies, Moghazi said, adding that the selected firm will be announced on March 9.

The three countries have held several tripartite meetings since Ethiopia started constructing its Grand Renaissance Dam in May, 2013.

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