Kenya: Diesel and Kerosene Prices Drop Marginally, Petrol Up

FUEL consumers will pay slightly less for diesel and kerosine while the cost of petrol has marginal gone up for the next one month in new monthly review by the Energy Regulatory Commission announced yesterday.

A litre of diesel, used mainly in transport and running of industrial and farm machinery, will retail at an average of Sh1.69 less at Sh102.98 per litre in Nairobi, Sh99.64 in Mombasa, Sh105.05 in Kisumu, while in Nakuru and Eldoret the price has been set at Sh103.84 and Sh104.98 respectively.

The price of kerosene used for lighting and cooking in most low income households has been reduced by an average of Sh1.07 to Sh83.05 a litre in Nairobi, Sh80.26 in Mombasa. For Kisumu residents, paraffin will go at Sh84.84 per litre with those in Nakuru and Eldoret paying Sh83.82 and Sh84.85 respectively.

A litre of super petrol, on the other hand, will sell at Sh0.76 more to Sh116.64 in the capital,Sh113.25 in Mombasa, Sh118.45 in Kisumu, Sh118.38 in Eldoret while Nakuru motorists will part with Sh117.23.

ERC said the reduction in prices of diesel and kerosine were largely driven by a drop of 2.06 per cent to $ 925.40 (Sh81,240.87) and 1.92 per cent to $ 990.75(Sh86,977.94) per tonne respectively, while a tonne of super petrol cost 1.67 per cent more to $ 1,076.74 (Sh94,527.00) when it landed at the port of Mombasa.

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