Malawi: U.S Energy Company to Establish Malawi Plant in 2016

American Energy Company has committed to establish a plant in Malawi by 2016 in order to reduce power deficit hitting the southern African country.

Paul Hinks, Chief Executive Director of US Energy Company who is also the Chairperson of Copper Council disclosed this during the lecture on Democratization and Economic Self Reliance in Africa which was presented by President Peter Mutharika in New York.

After the lecture, the Malawi President also met the members of the Council on Foreign Relations at their offices.

Hinks said Africa needs more and reliable power generation capacity for sustainable development if the Sustainable Development Goals are to be achieved.

His intervention came after President Mutharika in his lecture cited power outrages as main set back in Africa especially in Malawi where more hours are spent in darkness.

The US Energy Company is currently providing power in Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania among other African Countries.

Responding to the gesture, President Mutharika thanked Paul Hinks for the quick response to his lecture and assured all the members present of maximum security both commercial and physical while in Malawi.

“When you come to Malawi in 2016, it is anticipated that power woes facing the Country would be minimized. Malawi is a free country with a legal frame work conducive to investors.” the President said.

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