Tanzania: Supply Chain to Offer More Jobs in Tanzania Gas

Dar es Salaam — Tanzania locals have been asked to partner with foreign companies to build competitiveness and ensure that they participate effectively in the country’s gas sector.

Speaking in Dar es Salaam last week the BOT Governor Prof Benno Ndulu said vehicle to job creation and economic growth of the country in the gas sector lies with local firms integrating with foreign firms to harness the opportunities in the supply chain.

Prof Ndulu said there were more jobs to be created in the supply chain in the gas sector and that it was important for Tanzania investors to start investing now in order to attain the required expertise and experience.

“The upstream does not have that capacity to employ more Tanzanians than it is with the downstream where food processing companies and construction, hospitality and even transportation will be needed at the most,” Prof Ndulu said.

He said local companies have the opportunities to harness the availability of foreign firms and ensure that they partner for a win- win situation to bid tenders for the gas sector.

“International companies in the gas sector need quality work. For a local company to gain access in the supply chain they need such assurance to quality of their products and this can only be realized by partnering with foreign firms,” he said.

Tanzania’s deep offshore gas discoveries that currently stands at 46 trillion cubic feet is said to be a good opportunity for its citizens and the country’s economic growth.

These gas discoveries on the offshore Tanzania have put the country rankings to 28th in international rankings and wooing more investors in the gas and oil related explorations in the county as well.

Pro Ndulu said the proven reserves have opened doors to more foreign oil and gas exploration firms and that these companies will need Tanzania companies to supply them with food, construction equipments and other materials including labors.

He noted that unfortunately most Tanzanians do not have that capability to work in gas sector due to lack of training and experience.

On his part, the Tanzania Bankers Association Chairman Dr Charles Kimei said Tanzania should avoid strict rules on local companies’ involvement in the gas sector.

He said there was need for the government and private sector to come to terms and ensure that the participation of locals in the sector is realized.

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