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South Africa: Localised Energy Generation Is Solution to Eskom Crisis, but We Need Managed Localism

analysis By Saliem Fakir Two forms of anarchism will further imperil the energy crisis – first there’s Eskom’s anarchic pursuit of large power stations like the nuclear plant. Second, there’s the fact that those citizens and corporations who can afford it, are following their own path in response to the financial crisis and mismanagement within […]

Nigeria: Energy Crisis Worsens – ‘Only 5 of 23 Power Plants Functional’

Photo: Nigerians are sitting in long lines to purchase fuel for their cars and generators at high prices as the energy crisis in the country worsens. By Bassey Udo Nigeria’s energy crisis deteriorated Monday, as the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), the government agency responsible for regulating operations in the electricity sector, reported that only […]

South Africa: How Pretoria Needs to Fix Its Electricity Crisis


Photo: Sello Ntoane/Earthlife On World Environment Day, 5th June; protesters gathered outside Eskom for a series of pickets demonstrating how hazardous Nuclear is to the environment. guest column South Africans have in recent years joined the ranks of those on the continent suffering from regular power cuts. While the government has accepted responsibility for failing […]

Angola: Dos Santos Decorates Palace As Economic Crisis Deepens

analysis By Rafael Marques De Morais As Angola’s economic crisis deepens, the country’s president has given priority to the construction of a war memorial at an estimated cost of US $ 72 million, and a further US $ 73 million going to a phantom category of “non-specific religious affairs and services”. These projects fall under […]

South Africa: Electricity Crisis – Is ‘Power’ Really Going to ‘The People’?

analysis By Dale T. Mckinley AMANDLA NGAWETHU! We hear it all the time and many regularly shout it. Indeed, ‘Power to the People!’ has been a crucial part of South Africa’s political vocabulary for decades, first as the sole preserve of those in the anti-apartheid struggle, but now as an almost generic democratic slogan. While […]

Nigeria: KEDCO’s Board Crisis Deepens As Incar Writes Regulator

By Weneso Orogun The crisis rocking the board of the Kano Electricity Company (KEDCO) Plc over allegations of poor corporate governance by the majority shareholder, Sahelian Energy, has degenerated with the board of the minority shareholder chaired by Alhaji Umaru Mutallab, Incar Power Ltd, inviting the National Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) to promptly intervene and […]

Egypt: Electricity Crisis Cannot Be Fixed Overnight – Sisi

Cairo — President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi addressed the Thursday electricity blackout in a televised speech aired on state television on Saturday, saying that the electricity crisis cannot be fixed overnight. Thursday’s power outage resulted from a technical malfunction causing the loss of 45 per cent of the national electricity grid’s capacity. This has led to […]

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