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Natural gas salt-facility storage serves special gas market needs

July 27, 2015 Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration, Form EIA-191, Note: Maximum working gas represents highest demonstrated levels of storage across all facilities. Natural gas stored in salt facilities, principally in the greater Gulf Coast gas-producing region, accounts for only 10% of storage capacity in the Lower 48 states, but it provides 28% of daily […]

Africa: Shining Light On Refugees’ Energy Needs

By Elizabeth Blunt London — When refugee crises strike, energy provision is well down the list of priorities, and ad hoc solutions tend to persist for years, even when they are unsatisfactory, expensive, damaging to the environment, and in all ways unsustainable. Dadaab, a complex of camps in northern Kenya that is home to a […]

Africa: Africa Needs Clean Energy Investment to Get Power to All – Panel


“This is a moment for human solidarity,” says Africa Progress Panel chair Kofi Annan, introducing the panel’s 2015 report. and also “Africa’s moment … ( Resource: “The effects of climate change are being felt all over the planet, but not equally” – Kofi Annan ) By Megan Rowling Barcelona — African governments should aim to […]

Africa: Renewable Energy Needs Africa’s Attention

Ethiopia, one of the countries already investing in renewable energy, especially in wind, geothermal and hydroelectric power, is one of the proponents of financing for the Clean Energy Corridor. The country plans to generate 800 megawatts of wind power, one gigawatt of geothermal power and is constructing a 6,000 MW hydroelectric plant, which will be […]

South Africa: How Pretoria Needs to Fix Its Electricity Crisis


Photo: Sello Ntoane/Earthlife On World Environment Day, 5th June; protesters gathered outside Eskom for a series of pickets demonstrating how hazardous Nuclear is to the environment. guest column South Africans have in recent years joined the ranks of those on the continent suffering from regular power cuts. While the government has accepted responsibility for failing […]

Africa: ‘African Continent Needs U.S.$3.2 Trillion to Meet Energy Requirements By 2035’

By Sulaimon Salau THE African continent would require about $ 3.2 trillion cummulative investment to meet the energy demand occassioned by growing population by 2035. The Managing Director, Africa, Electrical Sector, Eaton, Shane kilfoil, who disclosed this at its inaugural West Africa Technology Day in Lagos, said about 55 per cent of Africa’s population currently […]

Zimbabwe: Alternative Energy Sources Answer to Zim’s Energy Needs

Wood has been a source of energy globally since time immemorial. Forests which traditionally provided firewood have been “stripped naked” by people who indiscriminately cut down trees and do not bother to replace them. Heavy extraction coupled with the increasing agricultural activities also threaten natural forests, which for long has been the source of firewood. […]

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