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EIA uses two simplified metrics to show future power plants’ relative economics

EIA’s long-term outlook for the electric power sector considers both the cost to build and operate power plants as well as the value those plants provide to the grid. A supplemental report to EIA’s Annual Energy Outlook 2018 (AEO2018) describes two simple measures of cost and value to show how certain technologies can be compared […]

South Africa: An Unenlightened Vision for Energy Security Casts a Pall Over Our Future

opinion By Glenn Ashton · Our most recent round of load shedding, coupled to Eskom’s current application to increase power tariffs by over 25 percent, has raised the level of public anger and frustration with both the national power utility and government. Eskom has now ineluctably demonstrated its incapacity to deliver on its mandate to […]

Nigeria: What Chance a Nuclear Future in Nigeria?

analysis By Tomiwa O. Erinosho Nigeria, a country endowed with numerous natural energy resources such as crude oil, gas, coal, hydro, wind, biomass, solar, geothermal, tidal and even uranium has adopted a multi-faceted approach to meet its energy requirements. Despite the wealth of resources, emphasis has been placed on using conventional sources such as hydro, […]

Russia looks beyond West Siberia for future oil and natural gas growth

September 19, 2014 Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration, Eastern Bloc Research, IHS EDINNote: Crude oil includes lease condensate production; Northwest & Arctic includes Kaliningrad.Note: . Russia was the world’s largest producer of crude oil (including lease condensate) and the world’s second-largest producer of dry natural gas in 2013. In 2013, production of crude oil and […]

Somalia: Will Hydrocarbon Spoil Oil Future?

Currently thought of as the petroleum sector’s latest ‘frontier region’, Somalia constitutes not only one of the most promising, but also most the most challenging of potential oil exporting countries. Whereas international enterprises face risks with regards to political fragility, legal ambiguity, and physical insecurity, Somalia looks down the barrel of the negative political, economic, […]

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