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Waterjetting 34d – Drilling small holes through steel and concrete


In the earlier posts in this section I have concentrated more on cutting the profiles of a hole, and the different ways in which this can be done efficiently. However there are many cases where the hole has to travel into the work piece to a depth greater than can be easily achieved without the […]

Waterjetting 34a – Drilling holes with water jets


Looking back over the Waterjet Index I realized that while I have addressed different aspects of drilling holes with waterjets in various ways, I haven’t really brought it all together as a focused topic. So, herewith, and in the next few posts, that coalescence. It begins with a bit of a recap. It was clear, […]

Morocco: Norwegian Liberal Party Calls to Halt Exploration and Drilling in Western Sahara

Oslo — The Executive Committee of the Liberal party in Norway adopted Sunday a motion calling foreign companies to stop all exploration activities and oil drilling off the shore of Western Sahara, stressing that investors through these activities, encourage and legitimize the Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara. The motion also called on foreign companies to […]

Waterjetting 27d: Drilling at a fixed diameter


In the last post I described how we initially came up with a simple design for drilling through material, using an axially aligned jet and a larger jet offset to one side at an optimal angle of around 20 degrees. One of the problems with the use of this design is that the outer jet […]

Waterjetting 27c – Drilling nozzle design


In discussing how stress affects the ability of waterjets to drill rock, I have discussed the effect of the stress in the ground on drill performance, but before discussing the effect of the borehole pressure it is perhaps best to spend this post talking about the simplest drill bit design. The diameter of the first […]

Waterjetting 27b – Drilling rock under stress


Last time I opened discussion on the topic of cutting a material that contained high levels of stress. This is a more common situation when working with rock, since – as a general rule of thumb – the vertical stress on a rock increases by 1 psi, for every foot deeper one goes into the […]

Ohio’s Utica Region now included in EIA’s monthly Drilling Productivity Report

August 12, 2014 Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration, The Utica Region in eastern Ohio, one of the fastest growing natural gas production areas in the United States, has been added to the (DPR). Total natural gas production in the Utica Region, which includes production from the Utica and Point Pleasant formations as well as legacy […]

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