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Waterjetting 36b – Katrina anniversary and the power of water

When I began to write these posts, I wrote about the difference between overall jet force and the focussed effects of a very high-pressure but small diameter jet. At the time I made reference to the relatively low pressure, but huge flow rate effects when Katrina hit New Orleans. I specifically wrote about the damage […]

Tanzania: Farmers to Lose Water Access as Hydropower Runs Dry

By Kizito Makoye Dar es Salaam — Tanzania, home to Mt. Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti National Park, has a tradition of protecting land for the sake of ecological diversity and beauty. Now the country has a new reason to add to its protected sites list: electricity. Faced with drought that has cut hydropower production in […]

Waterjetting 34a – Drilling holes with water jets


Looking back over the Waterjet Index I realized that while I have addressed different aspects of drilling holes with waterjets in various ways, I haven’t really brought it all together as a focused topic. So, herewith, and in the next few posts, that coalescence. It begins with a bit of a recap. It was clear, […]

Waterjetting 32d – Cutting with polymer in the water


In the recent past I have written about the use of polymers in high-pressure jets and that they can significantly improve jetting performance, with no additional changes in the power or pump and equipment used in the work. This is because of two different effects that the polymers have. Firstly they reduce turbulence in the […]

Africa: Harnessing Water to Power Africa

opinion By Zerihun Abebe Yigzaw Looking at the earth during a night flight across the continent Africa tells all the grim story of a darker and invisible continent; face it, it is not as illuminated as many continents are on earth – mainly Europe, North America and parts of Asia. Save for the North-Eastern corner […]

Egypt: Ethiopian Water Minister Hails Egypt Decision to Resume Dam Talks

Ethiopian Water and Energy Minister Alemayehu Tegenu hailed Egypt’s decision to resume the three-way dialogue with Sudan and Ethiopia on the Renaissance Dam last August. He also applauded the positive atmosphere which prevailed in the two meetings, which were held in Khartoum in August and Addis Ababa in September. In statements on the sidelines of […]

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